What Eric Thomas Really Means When He Says Winners Win And Losers Lose

An Interpretation Based On Jordan Petersons 12 Rules For Life

by Matt Bergstrom  
· 2 years ago   · 5 minute read

Eric Thomas, motivational speaker and author.

Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, who rose up from rock bottom. In many of Eric's motivational speeches he talks about that he dropped out of highschool, that his mother threw him out and that he was homeless for two years. Today, he is changing many people's lives, through his speeches, which mainly became popular on Youtube.

In one of his speeches that he gave in New Zealand, he talks about how "winners win, and losers lose", and "that's just how it is". But what does THAT really mean?

After reading Jordan Peterson’s book, 12 Rules for Life, I think I have figured it out. In the first chapter of the book, Jordan tries explain the dominance hierarchy in life, based on other creature's hierarchy in nature. Namely, lobsters.

After research, I've come to realize that people both agree and disagree with Jordan in this chapter. I myself found the chapter very useful, even though I might not agree with him fully. Others didn't, for example, I found an hour long video on Youtube, bashing Jordan Peterson for this particular chapter.

Nevertheless, the way he explains how chemical reactions work in a lobster's body, work in the same way in a human body. Whether or not he is right about the Dominance Hierarchy, is irrelevant.

Jordan Peterson explains how the chemical Seratonin affects the life of a lobster. How a male lobster who wins repeatedly when fighting other lobsters, has increased serotonin levels, and a lobster who repeatedly loses, has decreased serotonin levels.

The same applies to humans. When we are victorious in our endeavors repeatedly, we tend to have higher serotonin levels. And when we lose repeatedly, we tend to have lower serotonin levels. This is because every victory or loss temporarily changes our serotonin levels.

So what does serotonin do in the human body? Well, for one, it enhances our cognative abilities, such as our ability to learn and memorize. It also regulates your mood, appetite and sleep. It is also said that serotonin levels can regulate our susceptibility towards other people's judgement. With high serotonin levels, we tend to be less provoked by other people's opinions.

All of these positive effects that high serotonin levels can bring, are fundamentals for well-being. All are necessary to win. This is why serotonin is prescribed in several classes of pharmacological antidepressants. You can't perform at your highest level, unless you have your fundamental machinery in it's optimal state.

This is what Eric Thomas means when he says "winners win, and losers lose". When you win, you start to breed a culture of winning. Why? Your serotonin levels starts to rise, you become more confident in your endeavors and you become encouraged to keep winning. It's a positive feedback loop.

The sad part is, the opposite happens when you lose. When you start losing, you become discouraged, less confident, anxious, and your serotonin levels goes down. This is why "winners win, and losers lose".

Now that you know this, I encourage you to start taking action in order to create a habit of winning. When you feel tired after a long day and think about skipping to clean up your room, going to the gym, finishing that school assignment or putting in the work in towards that dream that you have, make the effort to go the extra mile that most people don't.

Do the thing that you know you need to do, to fulfill your dreams, even though you don't feel like it in the moment. Winners are made in those hours when most people just don't feel like it. The funny thing is, once you start taking action in the moments when you don't feel like it, you start feeling like a winner.

Thank you for reading. I'm planning on releasing another article this January. Buuuuut until then, STAY DRIVEN!


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